Alstroemeria aurea

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 20-30cm (0.7-1 ft)
Flower Colors: red, orange, yellow
Flower Season: mid spring to late spring
Life form: rhizome
Climate: winter rain climate

Alstroemeria aurea (syn. Alstroemeria aurantiaca) from Chile and Argentina has yellow, orange, or orange-red flowers with dark stripes and flecks. It can become invasive in gardens where it is happy (loose, sandy soils) both by running and seed, but this has not happened in my garden. Photo 1 was taken by Mary Sue Ittner. Photo 2 was taken by Janos Agoston. Photo 3 was taken by Nhu Nguyen at the UC Botanical Garden where it certainly has spread within the bed. Photos 4-5 from Hans Joschko.

Alstroemeria aurea, Mary Sue IttnerAlstroemeria aurea, Janos AgostonAlstroemeria aurea, Nhu NguyenAlstroemeria aurea, Hans JoschkoAlstroemeria aurea, Hans Joschko

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