Lachenalia is a genus with bulbs in the Hyacinthaceae family found in Namibia and South Africa. There are around 110 species (80 of those are found in the Cape region.) Most of these have a dormancy period and grow new roots each year. Polyxena has been transferred to Lachenalia by J.C. Manning, P. Goldblatt & M.F. Fay in "A revised generic synopsis of Hyacinthaceae in sub-Saharan Africa, including new combinations and the new tribe Pseudoprospereae", Edinburgh Journal of Botany 60(3): 533-568 (2004). Those species continue to be found on the Polyxena wiki page until they are widely accepted as Lachenalia. Information about Lachenalia from Don Journet was provided on the PBS list in three posts in February 2007. The first was a general introduction and discussion about growing the species, the second discussed propagation, and the third covered pests, diseases, general discussion, and references.

Species of Lachenalia are very easily grown from seeds given that they are sown at the right time of year. List members have varied experience but most agree that light is not needed for germination. More detailed information about germinating and growing this genus can be found in a post by Mary Sue Ittner.

These lachenalias were being used as bedding plants in Nieuwoudtville in September 2006. They could be cultivars or hybrids although the second photo shows plants that resemble Lachenalia aloides. Photos from Bob Rutemoeller and Mary Sue Ittner. The bulbs look like others in the Hyacinth family. The fourth photo shows bulbs on a 1 cm grid by M. Gastil-Buhl. This last photo shows leaf cuttings with bulbils formed at the base by Colin Davis. Propagation of Lachenalia is quite productive with this method, yielding over 25 bulbils in this instance using less than 2 leaves.

Lachenalia in beds, Bob RutemoellerLachenalia aloides cultivars, Mary Sue IttnerLachenalia sp., Mary Sue IttnerLachenalia bulbs, M. Gastil-BuhlLachenalia aloides var. quadricolor leaf cuttings, Colin Davis

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Lachenalia species
Lachenalia alba Lachenalia algoensis Lachenalia aloides Lachenalia angelica
Lachenalia anguinea Lachenalia arbuthnotiae Lachenalia attenuata Lachenalia bachmannii
Lachenalia bolusii Lachenalia bulbifera Lachenalia campanulata Lachenalia capensis
Lachenalia carnosa Lachenalia comptonii Lachenalia congesta Lachenalia contaminata
Lachenalia corymbosa Lachenalia doleritica Lachenalia elegans Lachenalia ensifolia
Lachenalia fistulosa Lachenalia framesii Lachenalia gillettii Lachenalia haarlemensis
Lachenalia hirta Lachenalia isopetala Lachenalia juncifolia Lachenalia kliprandensis
Lachenalia liliflora Lachenalia longibracteata Lachenalia longituba Lachenalia lutea
Lachenalia mathewsii Lachenalia maughanii Lachenalia mediana Lachenalia multifolia
Lachenalia mutabilis Lachenalia namaquensis Lachenalia namibiensis Lachenalia nervosa
Lachenalia obscura Lachenalia orchioides Lachenalia orthopetala Lachenalia pallida
Lachenalia patula Lachenalia paucifolia Lachenalia peersii Lachenalia polyphylla
Lachenalia purpureocaerulea Lachenalia pusilla Lachenalia pustulata Lachenalia reflexa
Lachenalia rosea Lachenalia rubida Lachenalia salteri Lachenalia sargeantii
Lachenalia schelpei Lachenalia splendida Lachenalia thomasiae Lachenalia trichophylla
Lachenalia undulata Lachenalia unicolor Lachenalia unifolia Lachenalia ventricosa
Lachenalia violacea Lachenalia viridiflora Lachenalia youngii Lachenalia zebrina
Lachenalia zeyheri

Lachenalia A - Lachenalia B-C - Lachenalia Species D-I - Lachenalia J-N - Lachenalia O-P - Lachenalia R-T - Lachenalia U-Z - Polyxena

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